Can we talk about the guy who smashed priceless works of ancient art in Dallas, Texas over something really dumb?


So, we all get mad. It's just a fact of life. At some point in our lives, something has gotten us so peeved that we need to channel it into something else.

Some choose to write it out. Others sit and think about what they can do to alleviate the issue. And then there's the people that tend to break things when mad.

Sometimes however, you break something you probably shouldn't. Like a wall, or a chair perhaps. Most of the time though, it's definitely replaceable.

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Enter Brian Hernandez - a man who decided the best way to get his aggression out was to destroy things. Which, let's be real, a little destruction of stuff makes you feel better right? That's why rage rooms exist, after all.

However, Hernandez didn't destroy his own property. He damaged other people's property. In fact, you could kind of say these things belonged to us all.

The items he destroyed were historical and in a museum. So to say the least, there might have been a better way of dealing with his anger.

Multiple sources, from FOX 4 and People, report that Hernandez illegally entered the Dallas Museum of Art after hours. He was also spotted brandishing a metal chair.

Hernandez then proceeded to attack and dismantle items in various displays, breaking vases and statues. However, after realizing what he did, Hernandez then dialed 911 to report himself.

At the time of writing, the estimated cost of the damage done is currently at $5 Million, but that could change according to museum officials. We're talking about works of art that were over 2,000 years old. Just let that senseless loss and destruction sink in for a moment. The weight and heritage of over two millennia just gone.

Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art

So, why did Hernandez do this? Because he knew somebody at the museum? Maybe they charged him too much for a ticket?

Was it possible he tried to buy one of the items and was told no? Or does he just have a vendetta with old art?

All of this is to say that the motive for his bashing art spree was a simple one: He was mad at his girl. Yes, you read that right - he was mad at his girl. That's what he told police, anyway.

The girl in question, who has not been identified, was not associated with anyone or anything at the museum.

So Hernandez broke priceless items because he was in his feelings and just looking for anything to smash.

Next time, Hernandez my friend, go to a rage room. I promise it'll be much more fun, and less expensive too!

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