Jaime-Paul Falcon of the Dallas Observer reviewed Jason Aldean's Burnin' it Down Town tour when it stopped in at Gexa Energy Pavilion on Saturday night, and beware ,he does not hold back any punches.

I stumbled onto this article after it was shared by some friends on Facebook, and when I clicked through I was immediately drawn in by the headline: 'Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line Danced on the Grave of Country at Gexa on Saturday.'

I was immediately intrigued, because I've been working in and around Country Music Radio for about 10 years. I've not always been on a top 40 country station, but I have been a student of the format so to speak. I'm aware that within the genre and history of country music there have been a lot of different influences.

I'm not sure that Jamie-Paul Falcon is aware of the trends throughout the years, but he certainly has strong opinions about today's artists.

He claims in the beginning of his article that he would rather get ebola than endure, as he says, "sitting seven rows back from the stage while Florida-Georgia Line and Jason Aldean gleefully danced on the grave of one of the most purely American forms of art to the tune of cheers from 9,999 very intoxicated people."

And that's only the beginning.

Did I mention he has strong feelings? If you haven't read the article, beware it does have colorful references and language within. It might also offend you. Click here to read the full review.