Flying can be stressful for anyone, but one woman's public freakout on a plane set to take off out of Dallas, Texas is going viral after she accused another passenger of not even existing.


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One Woman's Bizarre Claim On A Flight From Dallas To Orlando Has Captivated The Internet

Video of the extraordinary situation shows the woman yelling about something that honestly cannot be explained by any reasonable person:

As shown in the video, the passenger in the video is seen yelling about someone that she claims doesn't exist, and saying that this nothing-person is the reason she's getting off the plane. But with no context given in the original posting, many are wondering what exactly transpired to cause this weird incident.

Further details have been revealed by other passengers, and it seems the woman in the video may have been intoxicated (surprise, surprise):

According to this passenger, the woman lost her airpods, and accused another person on the flight of stealing them. She also did this while the plane was about to take to the air. Because of the outburst and the woman's refusal to be seated, the pilots had to return to the terminal, and all the passengers had to leave the plane, causing further delays.

A strange story indeed, and in case you're wondering, the woman did end up reaching her destination on another flight.

If anything more comes of this story, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, have you ever had a flight cancelled or delayed because another passenger had a meltdown? Tell us all about it using the Chat button on our free app.

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