Danielle Bradbery has some really big decisions ahead of her. Although they aren't life or death choices, they could certainly be life-changing. The 17-year-old is picking out songs for her first album.

“There’s definitely going to be choices for me for my songs in what other people want to hear from me and what I wanna sing," she discloses (quote via Big Machine Label Group).

Although she's a newcomer in the music industry, Bradbery knows that the song choices for her album have to come down to what's really important to her. "It really depends on what I hear and what goes on in my life to be able to share out to people through my songs," she reveals.

Although her upcoming decisions are major, the 'Heart of Dixie' singer is confident in herself. "I’ll figure it out sooner or later," she remarks.

Of course, Bradbery isn't starting out totally blind. Right from the start of her career, 'The Voice' winner was under the wise tutelage of Blake Shelton -- and his advice is golden. The country newcomer probably received some great wisdom from him, and maybe he even threw in some album advice?

She was in good hands then -- and now on Big Machine Label Group's roster, she's in good hands now. Hopefully she'll pick wisely and have fun in this unforgettable process!