Don't worry this has nothing to do with the Coronavirus or is anything like the virus heard around the world.

There has been a deadly disease detected in Texas, but it only affects those with feathers.

KTBS reports that Infectious Laryngotracheitis or ILT has been found in birds in East Texas. ILT a respiratory disease caused by a herpesvirus usually affects chickens, but can also be found in pheasants, peafowls, and turkeys and is deadly if not treated quickly.

Chickens are great and I consider myself a bit of a chicken whisperer. Like a horse whisperer, but with chickens.


Anyway, you can get your chickens vaccinated. If the disease isn't deadly it could lower production in eggs and meat. So farmers keep your chickens safe.

Keep an eye on your birds for any symptoms such as coughing or gasping for air.

Again ILT is not dangerous to humans. To learn more click here.



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