Okay, I would like to say if you are a vegan I am completely fine with that. Whatever reason you choose to not eat things is cool with me.

But, you can easily become a horrible person because of your "dietary preferences".

Here is a true story. I was at my mother's house and a guest who happened to be a vegan was coming over for dinner. So my mother being the kind person she is made a special meal for the non-animal eater. Before the guest touches the plate she digs through the trash to check the labels to make sure all the ingredients are indeed vegan.

Who does that?! Not to say all vegans are the same because they're not. Most are great. But some are kinda jerks about the whole thing. Keto dudes and what not can be just as bad too. "I'm currently in a state of ketosis". Golly.

Just be a nice and normal human. You are not better than anyone because you are vegan. You love your dog more than people and it shows, but remember dogs aren't vegans and they don't love you unconditionally. The one condition is you feed them meat.

So this turkey day - yes TURKEY day  - eat the stuffing and fruit salad and we'll all be alright. My name is Haven Medrano and I am not against veganism (is that a word), just against folks being rude to my ma.


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