Coryell County Police have been busy seizing hundreds of pot plants this week south of Gatesville.

Since Tuesday, deputies have been hard at work to remove hundreds of plants from the property at 115 Spotted Fawn according to a Coryell County Sheriff's Press release that was shared by John Carroll with News 10.

Police discovered what was going on at the property thanks to a tip from an area resident. This tip led to the raid that included Gatesville police, Texas DPS troopers, and Coryell County Game Wardens. The four individuals arrested include Christian Brown, 21; Jeffery Reamer, 62; Thomas Brown, 52 and Stacy Brown, 54. The group appears in the photo above at the top of the story. The charges include possession of marijuana over 5 pounds, but less than 50 pounds. The sheriff's office said there may be more charges coming.

Deputies had their work cut out for them. A total of 585 plats were taken away ranging from 1 foot tall to 6 feet tall. They also found 10 pounds of what was believed to be ground up marijuana that was ready for use.

That's not all. How about the six jars of what appeared to be homemade THC "butter"? The edible cannabis sat next to eight more jars of what was believed to be THC oil.

There was no information regarding how many bags of Cheetos or Twinkie wrappers may have been found on the property.

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