Dierks Bentley recently shared that he and wife Cassidy are expecting a little boy soon. After having two girls, the singer is excited about adding a little testosterone to the family. Apparently, Luke Bryan is excited too -- and wants the new Bentley boy to be his namesake.

The 'Bourbon in Kentucky' hitmaker revealed that Bryan was the first person to find out the sex of the baby -- he happened to call Bentley right after "it's a boy!" was announced. And, the country star/jokester had two different reactions. The first was a heartfelt, "Man, you're going to have someone to go fishing with and all this stuff."

And the second? It included some ridiculous naming advice. Bentley dishes, "His advice on names is, whatever I name my kid has to sound like someone that you could get totally hammered with," Country Weekly reports.

So, while most parents pick the name based on family history or cuteness, Bryan picks it on if he'd want to drink with the fella. Bentley continues with a laugh, "That's the filter that all the names have to flow through, like, 'Man, I went out last night and got hammered with Bo Bryan.'"

Will the Bentley family take his advice? "So that's his criterion for names. Yeah, so, maybe it'll be Luke Bentley," Bentley concludes. "I've been hammered with Luke many times."

The new baby, who, according to Bentley, was kinda planned, kinda unplanned, has a head start in the naming category -- at least in Uncle Luke's opinion. However, the baby boy may have a better chance on his two older sisters naming him!