Dierks Bentley is taking his fans on a crazy airplane ride that resembles spring break in his new video for 'Drunk on a Plane.' The hilarious music video was a joint effort between the country singer, Will Ferrel and Adam McKay of Funny or Die.

Bentley's video broke barriers when it became the very first country video to ever premiere on the comedy website Funny or Die. Wes Edwards directed the video and they shot it at a warehouse full of old planes in Los Angeles last month. Jeff Dye and Emma Fitzpatrick are the video's quirky stars while Bentley takes on a new role -- as airplane Captain Bentley for Riser Air. The video was one Bentley had been thinking about for a long time.

“Happy 'Drunk on a Plane' video day,” he says in a behind-the-scenes video while holding up beer. “Since the day I wrote this song I’ve been thinking about this video. Everyone that’s heard this song has been thinking about the video for it.”

Captain Bentley breaks all the rules in the video, encouraging passengers to "tip it on back" before exposing his red solo cup and telling his co-pilot "I know we will." It isn't long before the party breaks out all over the plane -- whiskey bottles and keg stands take over.

Bentley does double duty and also performs as just a regular passenger before things start to get scary. When the plane begins to nosedive it's Bentley to the rescue! When the oxygen masks deploy and Captain Bentley is knocked out by flying luggage, Bentley climbs into the cockpit and saves the day. The goofy video ends with a proposal and the passengers cheering for the country singer.