For some, sharing a personal email address is a normal thing. However, for superstars like Dierks Bentley, who accidentally shared his personal email address with millions on Monday night (Feb. 24), it can mean an overflowing inbox in the matter of hours. Oops!

It's every country fan's dream come true -- obtaining the real and confirmed email address of their favorite star -- and that's what Bentley provided via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He didn't mean to, of course; the singer was actually trying to show a photo of an email he received from iTunes, alerting him that the pre-order of his new album 'Riser' was now available. But he forgot to do one very important thing ... and remove his personal email address from the image.

Fans quickly jumped on the slip-up, and Bentley received thousands of messages from fans in seconds, ranging from gushing notes to random questions -- coming in even after removing the photo from social media.

Quick to see the humor in his mistake, Bentley even posted photos of his rapidly-filling inbox, admitting, "Phone is gonna need some more GBs. yikes!"

The 38-year-old kept the jokes cracking, posting on Twitter, "omg... y'all are killing me! definitely my most "personal" album release ever. Can't help but love the emails/stories." If you look closely, Bentley even has a canine named after him. Even though it was indeed a big 'oops,' what followed was something that definitely boosted the singer's spirits, based on his response:

Thankfully, when Bentley posted about 'Riser' on Tuesday, he checked not one, not two, but three times to ensure that tiny little mistake wouldn't happen again. It was certainly a lot of excitement for the 'I Hold On' singer on the eve of his album release ... and we're not sure what kept his adrenaline pumping more, the fact that he gave out his private contact info, or that his seventh studio album streeted!

Fans can purchase Bentley’s much-anticipated album (which U2's Bono approved) now.