You may not be ready for the new year, but we know someone who is. Dierks Bentley is pumped for 2014 -- and for good reason.

The 'I Hold On' singer is ready for fans to check out his long-awaited upcoming album, 'Riser.' In the meantime, Bentley is perfecting the album before it hits stores and your ears. He wants the ideal balance of deep songs and fun songs. But it wouldn't be Bentley without a little partying ...

“Next year, we’re going out on a big tour and I want to make sure I have the right songs in place to support the fun," Bentley says (quote via Country Weekly). "We have the heavier songs like ‘I Hold On’ and ‘Riser,’ which I want to get to as a single, but I want to make sure I have the stuff my fans have come to know us for -- putting on a little bit of a party and having a good time."

"I wanted to make sure I had that part of the record covered with a few extra songs," the singer adds.

No release date has been set for 'Riser' yet, but Bentley couldn't be more excited. He's already given eager fans a little preview of what to expect with his first single from the new album, and it's been really well received.

The hitmaker only has a few shows on his 2014 schedule as of now, including an appearance at the second-annual Taste of Country Music Festival in June, but his words indicate there will be many more to come.