It comes as no surprise that Dierks Bentley was a little rascal when he was younger. But now that he has a son due this fall, he's a bit worried. The singer admits if his newest child -- his first boy -- is like him, he'll be in trouble.

The 37-year-old country star, who is already the father of two girls Evelyn (born in 2008) and Jordan (born in 2010), tells WUSN-FM/Chicago, "Two girls already wears me out."

And with a third child just around the corner, Bentley's thinking back to all the trouble he got into as a kid. He's just hoping his son will be a little better behaved.

"It's a little tough [now], and then to think about having a kid like me? When he's like 11, 12 or 13, I'm gonna be 10 years older than I am now," Bentley says. "And the stuff I was doing back then? I snuck out of the house every night through the doggy door. I'd meet my friends. Someone would have a five-gallon thing of gasoline. Someone had matches. Someone had fireworks. Someone had the beer."

If his new kiddo takes after his Dad, Bentley will definitely have his hands full. But he turned out okay! Still, he's nervous. "I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna be going crazy," the star dishes.

Or, maybe the new bundle of joy will be a complete angel -- who knows? At least the singer and his wife have plenty of time to prepare for any shenanigans that involve gasoline, matches, fireworks and beer.

Despite his worries, the 'Bourbon in Kentucky' singer is more than thrilled to welcome his first son into the adorable Bentley family. And, if his son is like him, it means he'll be a troublemaker -- and also a fan-favorite country star someday. Sounds pretty good to us.