Here's a unique day of fun for anybody who has wanted to operate some heavy machinery. Dig World will open in Katy, Texas on St. Patrick's Day.

Opening Soon

Dig World is the first amusement park of its kind in the state of Texas and will open on Thursday, March 17 in Katy. If you've ever wanted to spend the day operating heavy construction equipment, this is the perfect place for you.

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Dig World founder Jacob Robinson tells The Katy News,

“We wanted to build something that kids and families could enjoy, creating the best and most unique consumer experience in TX.”

Dig World is set to open on a 3.5 acre lot across from the Katy Mills mall.

Dig World

Dig World will offer both kids and adult a safe, fun filled day of operating heavy equipment like driving a full size Caterpillar 236D3 Skid Steer Loader around a track. You can also try your hand at fishing stuff out of a pond with a full-size Caterpillar 306 Mini-Excavator, or just moving some dirt around on a Caterpillar 303.5 Mini-Excavator.

Dig World Website
Dig World Website

There's also a UTV course, a gem mining station, a playground, a turf field, a pavilion, and several games to play including Four on the Board, Cornhole, and TowerBall.

Party Planning

Got a party coming up? Dig World will operate on two-hour time reservations, which could be great for birthday parties, corporate events, and field trips. Grab your online tickets at this LINK if you're interested.

Dig World Expansion

This is just the beginning for Dig World, as they plan to expand across Texas and the U.S. Let's hope they think about setting up here in Killeen or Temple.

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