Dinosaurs are the coolest. Huge powerful lizard or bird-like creatures that used to roam the earth. But sometimes it's not that hard to see why they are extinct.

I mean, look at the T-Rex. The scariest of them all had two tiny pointless arms. There may be proof that other dinos had some pointless appendages too.

Sciencealert tells us that Sauropods, the largest animals to ever roam the earth, could have used just their two front feet to get around some of the time.

What is a Sauropod? Well, if you saw 'The Land Before Time' as a kid you know them as "longnecks".

Scientists discovered some unusual tracks on a ranch in the county of Bandera, Texas back in 2007. For over a decade they have been studying them in the attempt to prove the theory from the 1940's that they used just two feet.

Since their front legs are longer than their back it has been widely believed that they would let the back legs float as they waded in shallow water. But after studying the track patterns, researchers say they could have used just two on solid ground.

Ultimately, the team says future discoveries will be needed to settle the matter.

What will they find out next? Pterodactyl wings are just for show or T-Rex could juggle? Who knows? It's science!

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