Belton Lake - Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Several Dive teams began searching Lake Belton Sunday morning for a local man who fell into the lake while fishing overnight.Lt. T.J. Cruz, spokesman for the Bell County Sherriff, said the missing man is a Bell County employee who was fishing with friends.

According to Cruz the man fell in lake from the front of the boat at about 1:30am Sunday. Police say the fishing party consisted of 2 boats, and that the men began fishing on the other side of the lake. The accident happened near the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area. The search for the missing man began immediately according to police.

It's been mentioned many times the last couple of weeks that the park is currently closed because of high water levels. Crews say the plan is to keep searching the water in the area of the Outdoor Recreation Area. A combined search effort by the Bell County Sherriff, Texas game wardens, and additional agencies is still ongoing.

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