When is throwing a dog in the ocean a good thing? When they're on a surf board.

In the beginning of the movie "Top Secret", by the same people who brought you "Airplane", they had one of the silliest surfing ideas caught on tape.

Yes, Skeet Surfing. Seeing a bunch of guys paddling out into the ocean on surf boards with shotguns on their backs. Classic.

This past Sunday in Galveston, reality tried to beat that silliness.

If you were looking to adopt a dog, Galveston was a great place to look this past Sunday, because you're new best friend could have been a surfing champ.

It was all part of the 4th annual Surfing Dog Competition. The event took place at Pleasure Pier. It cost $25 dollars to enter, with all the proceeds going to the Galveston Island Humane Society. Plus, some of the dogs in the competition were up for adoption for only $25 dollars.