A new TV station for dogs is about to be unleashed,

DirecTV will debut DOGTV, beginning August 1. For a mere $4.99 per month, owners can subscribe to the channel, which is designed to keep pets busy while their masters are not home.

DOGTV CEO Gilad Neumann (how’d he get that job?) said it’s a winning idea:

Dogs spend many hours alone at home every day. As we work harder and both household members usually go out to work, dogs spend a lot more time at home. They’re very lonely, they’re bored, they suffer from separation anxiety often and people look for solutions.”

The lineup will be comprised of sounds and images designed to get the animals interested (which means fire hydrants and bones should score amazing ratings). It falls into line with previous suggestions that owners keep a radio or a TV set are kept on so dogs don’t feel lonely when left by themselves.

We have a feeling the channel could be a hit, especially if the pooches get comfy in a Bark-a-lounger.