Nobody, I mean Nobody ever said I was a good cook. My latest Fiasco....

Slightly Scorched/ Photo Julia Conner

I cooked the hot dogs way too long.  I put them in the oven with the french fries.  The french fries took a lot longer.  I kept smelling this smell, but it didn't dawn on me to check the oven until it was too late.

Now I know!  on the other hand, the Chili turned out good.

My Chili/Photo by Julia Conner

But the cornbread, which I cooked in a toaster over, was decapitated upon release!

Bottomless CornBread/Photo by Julia Conner

If you are wondering why such a strange meal, the Hot Dogs and Fries were for  the "Man Who Still Hates Chili".  He ate the Burned Up Dogs though!