I Like Halloween it's fun, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite holiday.

I'm kinda annoying and have been listening to Christmas music already (in private okay, I know how mad that can make folks). I even went around on the first "cold" day of the season last week and spread some Christmas cheer. Click here to watch that video.

But, this year I was ready to get into Halloween. I had a plan and everything. But I messed up... big time.

Mid-summer I was watching my daily episode of the 1980's action/drama/comedy/greatestshowever Magnum P.I. and I had an epiphany! I, Haven Medrano will dress up as Thomas Magnum for Halloween!

The only way I could justifiably dress as the T.V. icon would be if I sported a real fantastic mustache. One that would take two months to grow, so September 1st I must begin my shaving fast.

Well, I don't know what happened, but I have been shaving regularly for the past month.

Anyway, I can't bring myself to wear a fake. I could go as Rick, but who wants to be Rick?! Golly.

Here is my message: if you have a beard or a stache consider going as Magnum to your local Halloween party. You will need a Hawaiian shirt and short shorts. Hopefully, it will be a cold night for the short shorts. Detroit Tiger ballcap is optional.



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