Don't mess with Texas...or our armadillos!

This lesson was taught the hard way a couple of years ago when a Texas man fired his .38 revolver at an armadillo and its shell deflected the bullet back at the gunman. He was struck in the jaw by a bullet fragment and ended up in the hospital.

Over the last week, unknowing news stations have published the story as if it just happened. It's the same story.

It happened in Cass County, Texas in the town of Marietta. According to the Huffington Post, the man fired at the Armadillo around 3 am. According to Sheriff Larry Rowe, the man's injuries were so severe that he had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital .

The Huffington Post published this story on 8/3/17. Here is the exact same story printed in USA Today in 2015. This version of the story is even better because it cites another example of someone shooting an armadillo with unintended results. USA Today mentions a Georgia man who shot at an armadillo with a 9mm and the bullet deflected off the animal, struck a fence, went through the back door of a mobile home, and struck the resident in the back. That person was not seriously injured.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow - don't mess with Texas!

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