Did you already book your ticket for when you are going to raid area 51? Cancel it! Too late? Just go to nearby Las Vegas and lose a bunch of cash, it's about as smart a decision anyway.

Do you still want to spot some aliens? Well, take a day trip to nearby Royse City, Texas just Northeast of Dallas to see a U.F.O!

In an awesome piece from NBCDFW Larry Collins writes about a "spaceship" in the small Texas town right off highway 276.

The little structure actually used to be someones home years ago. Recently Gunderson Elkins and Chris Shelton led the way in getting the starship fixed up. With a fresh coat of paint and landscaping work done the area is now known as Area 276.

So go out to Royse City say howdy to the fine folks of the town and maybe meet a martian or two.

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