Iconic actress and singer Doris Day has passed away, her foundation reports.

Day was one of the biggest stars of her time, staring in 39 films in a twenty-year span, winning two Acadamy Awards for best original song. For it was her golden voice that truly made her stand out.

The 'Pillow Talk' star retired young to focus on her true passion: animals. She founded the Doris Day Animal League and later, the Doris Day Animal Foundation. One of her latest acts was close to home, funding the Doris Day Animal Horse Rescue and Adoption Center in Murchison, TX, in 2011.

Growing up I had the privy of a mother who exposed me to the work of iconic legends such as Day, coming a day after Mother's day makes me even more grateful. I'll continue to expand my knowledge of her music and film library, and spin my all-time favorite the humourous 'Tacos, Enchiladas And Beans'.


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