I definitely had a big imagination as a kid. I pretended to be in the world of every book I read or movie I watched.

Dr. Suess books are perfect for just that. With plants, structures, and characters that are extremely unique, yet still grounded enough in reality that you can see them in everyday life. For example, those little pink flowers that pop up in the spring, my family doesn't know the name of them so we simply call them "Dr. Seuss flowers".

So, when I heard that there is a Dr. Seuss exhibition is coming to Texas, I was brought back to my childhood. The 15,000-square-foot exhibition with feature nine different worlds from books such as The Lorax and the Horton Hears a Who.

According to Texashillcountry.com the experience will make a stop in Houston but they have not announced a date yet.

It sounds like an experience worth a road trip. Who's to say who would have more fun, the kids or the kids at heart.


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