Driving in the Lone Star State is always an experience. We've seen multiple instances of just terrible driving in Texas right? We've all been on the end of someone not using a blinker to alert other drivers to let them into another lane right?

There's also something about someone going the wrong way on a one way right? It's always the weirdest and at the same time, an angering thing. I mean, what does one way mean anyway right?

But there's another thing that could cause people to turn their head, and that's...having a car appear where it shouldn't be. Yes, this exact situation happened here in Texas.

One Dallas Driver Tries To Drive On...These Tracks?

Look, we've all made a mistake of driving into an area that our car shouldn't be. That, or we're trying make time by taking a shortcut or two. But this isn't a shortcut.

In fact, some of us may still be trying to figure out how this driver managed to do this:

Look, the temptation to make a "they were late for their train" joke is very real. But...how did they end up in this area? Was there any signage that could've potentially helped them...not end up in front of trains?

Now of course, it stands to reason they were able to make it out of that situation unharmed and continued onto to their destination. But, I doubt this driver will ever make this mistake again!

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