Did Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson turned down the NFL?  This seems to be the case.  In the late 60's Phil was once the Quarterback for Louisiana Tech.  Wait, it gets better...


He played ahead of a guy you might have heard of; Superbowl Champ, and NFL Hall of Fame star, Terry Bradshaw.  Why?  Why would Phil turn down the NFL?  Because of his love of hunting.  That's hunting, with an "H".

As detailed in Sports Illustrated, Robertson turned down an offer from the Washington Redskins his junior year to concentrate on duck hunting.

In an article from Sports Illustrated Phil is quoted as saying...

"Throwing a touchdown pass to a guy running down the sideline, and he runs down with the ball for six, it was fun." However, in my case, it was much more fun to be standing down in some flooded timber with about 35 or 40 mallard ducks comin' down on top of me in the woods. That did my heart more good than all the football in the world."

And that is why he turned down a try out with the Washington Redskins his junior year.  He wanted to concentrate on duck hunting.  He said on Larry King that he told Bradshaw that he was "stepping out to chase the ducks".  At the time people wondered what was wrong with him.  Even Terry Bradshaw talked about him in his own autobiography.  But in the end, what people didn't get then, they get now, as we see the life he leads on A&E's mega hit show, "Duck Dynasty".

Guess you should always go with your heart, no matter how crazy it seems at the time.  I guess it makes that idea to do that harlem shake video seem sane.