It didn't take much -- maybe just a pinch or a skosh -- but the spice added to Easton Corbin's new song 'All Over the Road' will leave fans and followers looking at him a bit differently. It's wholesome enough to be mother-approved, but saucy enough to leave daughters interested.

That's a great place for a song to fall, as it's rare that those two metaphorical groups (conservative traditionalists and rowdy wildflowers) can agree. In recent years, Chris Young has sort of lived in that sweet-but-sexy pocket of country music. Few others have joined him with consistency, but Corbin -- who until this point as been as wholesome as green beans and butternut squash -- has that potential.

"No sir I ain't been drinking / I ain't even had one beer / This sweet thing's got me buzzing / From whispering in my ear," Corbin sings to begin 'All Over the Road, the title track from his new album. The production is as clean as reliably country as ever. Guitar licks snap from the stereo as he breezes through his vocals with perceived effortlessness.

The second verse really leaves one's mind wandering: "Don't wanna get no ticket / Don't wanna cause no wreck / It's hard to concentrate with her pretty little lips on my neck / I say 'Girl take it easy' / She laughs, says 'It'll be fine' / How am I supposed to keep it between the lines."

This isn't Jeff Bates singing 'Long Slow Kisses,' but for a guy who has embraced a G rating, the move to PG will make some more reserved fans ask for a hankie to dab their brow at his next concert.

"Yeah I know I'm all over the road / I can't help but go / A little bit of left, a little bit of right / It's hard to drive with her hand over here on my knee / When she's all over me, I'm all outta control / And all over the road," he adds during the chorus.

Corbin is quickly becoming one of the more dependable radio artists, but songs like this will boost his concert ticket and CD sales. 'All Over the Road' is his best single to date, one that promises to leave fans buzzing like they did when he first released 'A Little More Country Than That' three years ago.

Listen to Easton Corbin, 'All Over the Road'