Need a last minute costume for Halloween on Friday? Don't hit the overcrowded costume store. Take the DIY route and try one of these movie inspired looks.

Laney Boggs from She's All That

Paint Splattered overalls and vanite glasses wtih a slouchy open button down top to mimic a smock and you're all set.

Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction

You don't have to look like Uma to pull it off - just get a white button down, black pants, gold flats and find yourself a great black bob wig - don't forget the wine colored lipstick.


Dress as one of the Heathers. Put together a blazer, pleated skirt, red scrunci, tights and don't forget to carry a croquet mallet.

Patrick Batemen from Psycho

Most likely a man's costume. Grab a suit, glasses, and remember to exfoliate.

Juno and Paulie Bleeker

The girl should herself appear pregnant, jeans and hoodie with a flannel coat, and get your dude a sweatband, sweat shirt and short shorts - easy as pie.