Need a costume quick? Here are some things you can be using what you already have in your closet!

If you are anything like me, you probably wait until the very last minute to decide if you are actually going to go out for Halloween, or stay at  home and binge on leftover candy. Since by now you have probably hear how epic Boo Bash is going to be, you obviously need a costume, quick! (and preferably cheap too!)

Here are 5 fun ideas that you can put together with things you already own!


Cliche? Maybe. But nobody will mind when you show up looking killer in your LBD. All you need to add is a string of pearls, heels, and of course a pair of gloves!

Created by Dani via Polyvore


This one will work for guys or girls, and is so easy! Just throw on your favorite flannel shirt, an old pair of jeans, and a beanie. Hiking boots are also a plus.

created by Dani via Polyvore


Still have that old prom dress in the closet? Add a tiara and a bouquet of flowers and you just became a pageant winner!

created by Dani via Polyvore


All you need for this one is am obligatory peace sign somewhere, a headband, and fringe. Throw up the peace sign for all pictures, obvi.

created by Dani via Polyvore


This is my favorite on the list! You could do this idea as a couple or by yourself. For guys, the essentials are a bow tie, loud pants, and a sports coat. A cane and hat would definitely be a plus. Don't forget to call everyone "Old Sport". Girls, you can use any neutral knee length dress, a string of pearls, and some kind of head piece. And of course, lots of red lipstick!

created by Dani via Polyvore

What are you going dressed as this Halloween?