And Then the Children Came!!!!!
And Then the Children Came!!!!!

Oh those of you who don’t have to diet, I envy you.  The rest of you,  let’s get together and feel sorry for each other.   Let’s talk about the craziest diets we have been on.

How many of you have hopped on the Cabbage Soup train?  Guilty!!!! The 3-day diet?  I don’t even remember what I had to do.  I have eaten 6 meals a day on one diet,  one meal a day on another.  I have eaten only meat, only vegetables  and even only beans.   I drank stuff, mixed up potions and ate food that smelled like C rations.  They work for a while but then I get really hungry for the BAD Stuff!  I have had shots, and pills, and I am still fat.  Maybe I should try hypnosis or acupuncture or maybe Pumpkin.

That is what 47 year old Dawn Chadwick of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England did.

Back in January of 2008, Dawn weighed about 520 pounds.  She tried dieting, but it didn't work, and she didn't want to have gastric bypass surgery.  So she came up with her own plan.

Dawn managed to drop about 300 pounds . . . by eating almost NOTHING BUT PUMPKIN.

She says, quote, "I love pumpkin, I could eat it all day.  If I get [hungry], I will pick up a piece of cooked pumpkin instead of the snacks I used to eat.  I just love the taste of it.  It's so low in calories and fat that I can eat as much as I want."

One cup of cooked pumpkin . . . which is a LOT of pumpkin . . . has 49 calories and a trace amount of fat.

Now that she's down to about 220 pounds, she says she's happy . . . and her husband doesn't want her to lose much more.

Quote, "He likes me big and doesn't want me to get skinny.  I don't want him to leave me, so I won't go under 180 pounds.

So who is Up for the Pumpkin Diet?  Anyone? Anyone?

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