If you drive a car, you know the drill, you’re in a rush, but you are also hungry.  So you grab something to eat in the car, while you drive.  Could be easy, like a shake in a can, PopTart, corndog,(no mustard).  Then again it could be something you have no business eating while behind the wheel,  cereal, in a bowl with the milk, soup, spaghetti, barbeque chicken!

We've got the results of a new survey that asked people to name the best and worst things to eat when you're driving,  soup was rated the worst food to eat.

The rest of the bottom five were spaghetti, ribs, salad, and nachos.

The best thing to eat when you're driving is a candy bar.  French fries came in second, followed by potato chips, chicken nuggets, and donuts.

McDonald's was named the best fast food chain for food that's easy to eat in the car.  Dunkin' Donuts was second, and Wendy's was third.

Papa John's and Chipotle didn't do as well, for obvious reasons.  Hard to grab that slice of pizza outta the box or a hang onto that messy burrito when you're behind the wheel.

What is the messiest thing you have ever eaten behind the wheel?