Charlesetta Williams and her son hid in the bathtub one minute, and the next they found themselves out in the yard after an EF2 Tornado lifted them right out of their home!

It's amazing that Charlesetta and her son are even alive after having their house torn apart by the storm. Their accounts in the video describe how they could actually feel the rush of the wind when the roof came off their house, and the force that lifted them off the ground and carried them out into the yard. Terrifying.

Willaims is 75-years-old and could see the Tornado approaching out her window as it moved through Marion County Saturday. At least 15 homes in the area near Charlesetta's home got wiped out by storm damage.

Charlesetta told reporters she felt lucky to be alive for another day. "I couldn't live through another one. I'd have a heart attack."

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