Sometimes, we all crave a certain type of food. One certain type of food item that many will want is none other than an egg. But right now, many are trying to either hold onto their beloved eggs, or just outright avoid purchasing them all together.

But why would Texans try to refrain from eating eggs? Well, stock hasn't been down, so that's out of the question. Alright, let's check the prices then. Here's what the prices look like on H-E-B's website for prices at a store in Belton, Texas:


Holy Cow! How Much For Eggs In Texas?!?

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Alright, well price is certainly a problem here. For reference, let's look at gas prices around the area too:

Gas Buddy/Canva
Gas Buddy/Canva

How surprising is it that you can buy three gallons of gas for the price of a dozen eggs? We've only just started 2023, and it feels like we're already in another universe. So the prices explain many aren't purchasing eggs, but now we're faced with another question:

Why Are Egg Prices So High?

So it's either an extenuating circumstance, or chickens have finally decided to go on strike. Thankfully, it seems to be first reason we mentioned. A familiar disease has once again appeared to cause havoc.

According to the the Washington Post, not only has coronavirus affected various parts of the labor involving eggs, but the flu has also driven up the price of eggs. So it may be a while before we get any relief for the egg shortage.

So enjoy the eggs you have before you have to purchase more!

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