This article right here is for all of my Texas exotic animal lovers. I have a treat for you if you are an animal lover like myself.

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Now we’re all familiar with going to the zoo and seeing the animals from afar,  and my favorite part about going to the zoo growing up was the elephants. That makes this article even more special to me, because what if I told you that you could visit elephants up close and personally right here in Texas?

The Preserve located in Fredericksburg, Texas has a place where you can meet these beautiful elephants up close and personal. The preserve has beautiful Asian elephants who'd love to meet you. Your family can pet them, feed them, and even help give them a bath.

Young man feeds elephants with bananas in a sanctuary in the jungle of Chiang Mai in Thailand
Getty Images/iStockphoto

When you visit the Preserve, you'll learn all about the Asian elephant care and conversation and have plenty of opportunities to take photos with these beautiful animals. I am so excited and cannot wait to go!

Portrait of a young girl with an elephant on the background of a tropical ocean beach. Elephant hugs a young girl with his trunk
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Preserve is bringing the Safari to Texas, and you would think attending something like this would be extremely expensive. It’s only $125 per adult, and children three and under are completely free. That’s a very reasonable price to pay to enjoy these beautiful giants and help the efforts to protect their species.

The idea is to provide intimate and meaningful experiences between people and animals that generate a level of caring that cannot be achieved any other way. If you get a chance this summer, I would suggest you take advantage of this amazing experience. I know I am!

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