When you need immediate medical help you call 9-1-1. You expect an ambulance to show up with paramedics or EMT’s who will do all they can to help.  Well that is not what happened in Detroit when a mom needed help for her baby.


Detroit Local 4 News reports a supervisor ordered medic Ann Thomas to get to the house where a baby was not breathing and her mother was calling for help. Thomas was just around the corner, two minutes away, but she refused to respond to the scene.



A department report indicates Thomas parked her unit on a corner, a street away from the baby, and sat there.  She and her partner were in a SUV outfitted to be just like an ambulance to help medics get to people faster. But in this case, Thomas refused to go to the house. The report says she was the driver so she had control.

An internal investigation revealed that Thomas told her boss, "I'm not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR, you know how these families get."


An ambulance eventually got the baby to a hospital. She was revived but died the next morning.


Ann Thomas has been fired.