Emma Watson's HeForShe Initiative was in the spotlight once again yesterday, as we recognized national Equal Pay Day. A day reminding American Women of the pay gay they face between their salary and their male counterparts.

Looking back at the pay gap for starting wages from 1980, 64 cents versus today's 7 cents, you might think women have come a long way - but there's more to that story.

As you'll notice in the video above, just because women start out when hired with a smaller pay gap, over time throughout their careers the gap begins to widen. Regardless of whether women started with a large or small gap, nearly all of them are ending up at 73-76 cents less than male colleagues.

Yesterday the United Nations invited men to share photos across social media of their open palm holding three quarters and three pennies, illustrating the 78 cents that a woman makes to every dollar a man earns.

HeForShe hit the streets to capture the reaction men had to the gap.