"Wash your stinkin' hands" is probably my favorite part.

If you have already been sick this cold and flu season then you already know it was a bad one. It still is. Check out nurse Katherine Lockler of Pensacola, Florida. Her six-minute video has been watched almost 5 million times!

KWTX reports that Katherine told the Pensacola News Journal she recorded the video after a 12-hour shift. She said that day she saw so many people slipping on their efforts to keep this year's nasty flu cold mix from spreading that she had to make a video.

In her video, Katherine will show you how to execute the perfect elbow sneeze, and let adults know a thing or two about not bringing an entire softball team into the er to visit someone. She says, "You just got maybe 15 new vectors, or carriers of the flu, by them just walking in."

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