No one is better at helping you let off some steam than your buddies, and in his 'Cold One' video, Eric Church and company are in need of a good shoot-the-crap session.

Church plays a funny beer delivery guy (aptly named Eric) who delivers a few cold ones to a hole-in-the-wall local bar. If you look closely, you'll find Church's bandmates playing workers and bar patrons in the clip. They take a break from drinking and delivering to go into the beer cooler and play a tune together, while the 'Cold One' lyrics literally appear in the frigid air.

The star singer lets loose a little in this fun video. At one point, Church is happily riding down the beer-stocked aisles of a warehouse on a motorized cart. And of course, it wouldn't be a country music video without at least one girl. This time, it's a beautiful brunette who applies to the bar, taking down their 'Help Wanted' sign in her short denim jorts. Next thing you know, she's downing shots like a champ.

'Cold One' is the third single from Church's album, 'The Outsiders.'

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