The 2014 CMT Awards featured Eric Church at his rebel-rousing best -- with a little help from one powerful woman. Not only did the Church give a sharp-as-nails performance of his new song, 'That's Damn Rock & Roll,' he also brought along Lzzy Hale from the hard-rock band, Halestrom, to add even more grit to the performance.

The song choice is surprising, as it's not his current single or recent No. 1 hit, but Church intended it to be something out of the ordinary.

"I think it's an opportunity to do one thing that you're not normally going to do and you let it live in that space forever," Church says. "That's what I like about them. You can do it one time and it will get the maximum amount of eyes and it will live as that one show's performance forever. It makes sense to do something different."

With Hale's fiery addition to an already great song, it's no wonder the killer performance received a standing ovation from fans and artists alike. It was a hard rock mash-up at its finest, and Church showed that although he's not your typical country music artist, he's carved out a niche and he's rocking out to it.