After being challenged by Reba McEntire and a close friend, it was time for Faith Hill to step up and complete the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Hill enlisted her hubby, Tim McGraw, to do the honors.

In her YouTube video for the ALS challenge, Hill reminds the world how she can still be glamorous even if she's in shorts and a T-shirt. She stands looking like she hasn't aged a day in what seems to be her backyard.

"Hi everybody, I've been challenged by my dear friend Reba McEntire ... for the ALS ice bucket challenge," she says. "Lets see, who do I nominate? I nominate Nicole Kidman, Rita Wilson and Adam Sandler."

After nominating Keith Urban's wife, actress Wilson and funny man Sandler, she lets out a little scream as McGraw moves into the frame with a big green bucket of ice cold water for his wife. He mostly misses her face and hair, but douses her body in the water.

"Oh my God," she exclaims on her tiptoes. "That is so cold!"

Although McGraw had already completed a challenge of his own, he tried to keep his wife warm and dry by she couldn't escape the challenge for that long. In his video, Hill stood dry behind the camera and filmed his Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch McGraw's challenge here and see who he nominated.

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