Hey Gang,

The other night I forgot to set the "sleep" on the T.V.  I was awakened by a tweeting sound.  I watched the screen for a bit and thought for sure that I had died and gone to hell. It was one of the worst commercials ever made.  It was for a fake pet parakeet.  Nope, I'm not drunk, or high, unfortunately I'm dead serious.  Check this out for yourself.

It's so stupid.  Why would anyone want this?  Why would anyone want a fake pet?

This might be why.   A survey came out that shows pets damage eight million electronic devices a year, and cost us more than a billion dollars from either biting, chewing, pissing, or vomiting on them.  So now I get it.  We are an electronic society.  If you don't embrace the electronic age you will die.  Trust me on this.  I was forced to "go electronic" just to do my job.  So, here's the future: Fake electronic pets.

This is a good thing.  Think how much extra food we can generate by eating birds, dogs, and cats. How nice will it be with each member of the family, that has a smart  phone, sitting at the dinner table with a dead parakeet as the main course, and all the while listening to fake parakeet singing in the background.  What an image.