News 10 is reporting that the family of a Central Texas veteran killed in the Korean War has finally received medals in honor of his sacrifice.

Joel Swanner left for the Korean War when his little brother Jerry was just five years old.

“I just remember seeing him in his uniform when he was on his way to Korea,” Jerry said.

Sadly, Joel would never return from Korea as he was killed in action. The family received the Purple Heart Medal in his honor, however, they claimed that the other medals earned by Joel were never sent to the Swanner family.

“I’ve got mines from Vietnam and everything, but never had his. Didn’t know what he was entitled to, never received anything other than his Purple Heart,” Jerry said.

Jerry took it upon himself to work to get the missing medals for his late brother. 2 years ago he began the search which culminated in him reaching out to the office of Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Cornyn was able to help.

“We played a very small role in this but a privilege for us to be able to fix something that had gone, right or wrong, for so long,” said Jeff Williford, Deputy Regional Director for Cornyn’s Central Texas office.

The Military Order of Purple Hearts Organization presented the Swanner family the remaining medals Joel had earned in Korea during a ceremony in the Charlie R. Greene Memorial Hall.

“It meant a lot to me because this gentleman had been working for over two years trying to get this medal for his brother,” said John Footman, Regional Five Chief of Staff.

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