Yesterday afternoon, September 29, there were reports at Killeen High School that there was a shooting. Thank goodness it was a false report.

However, there was a child who was injured pretty badly in a fight, and an ambulance were called. The dangers in the high schools are beginning to really worry parents in the community, and they want the answer to a simple question: "Why?"

I talked earlier this month about how the Killeen school district is considering bringing more law enforcement into local schools due to violence and vandalism on campus.

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Parents are becoming more worried about sending their children to school, and wondering when they make it home if their child will be safe.

I believe it’s very important that you have conversations with your children to avoid these type of altercations as much as possible. Remind your child exactly what they're supposed to do: go to school, get an education, and then come home safe.

I am truly relieved that this was a false report about a shooting. Hopefully the increased police presence will mean the violence and shenanigans will come to an end.

Parents, please make sure to have these tough conversations with your children so they can remain safe. Again it's super simple: go to school for exactly what you’re supposed to go to school for, and try your best just to have fun an stay out of situations that could lead to violence.

I know during these current events that’s a lot to ask for, but we can only hope and pray for the best for our children and their use of the wisdom and tools we give them.

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