Janete Jimenez Ramirez was crossing the street with her two-year-old child in Brownsville, Texas when she was struck by a passing vehicle. Ramirez, a mother of six children, passed away due to her injuries on Monday.

This incredibly sad news also comes with some hope in the form of a community stepping up to help take care of Ramirez's family. Brownsville District 2 Commissioner Jessica Kalifa and members of the New Harvest Ministries Church in Brownsville are all stepping up to support the Ramirez children. Janete's close friend Yodelka Gutierrez is now looking after the children.

New Harvest Ministries Pastor Tina Ruiz told ValleyCentral.com that

All of the funds will be distributed for the children, funeral services, school supplies, whatever is needed we are here to take care of them

New Harvest Ministries is administering all donations to the family. All proceeds will go to the Ramirez family and all six children.

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