This is what crowdfunding is supposed to be about. Not helping a celebrity make a movie in "his or her image", but helping a member of your community who has hit a tough time.

Two weeks ago a house fire destroyed a home and was deemed a 100% loss. What that means is everything was destroyed. The head of the household, Leah Gale Fields, is mother to 10 between the ages of 18 months and 16-years-old. Despite being a full-time worker and mother, she has been described as an adopted mother figure to many kids in her neighborhood .

Middle bedroom for two of the boys.
Middle bedroom for two of the boys.

After witnessing the damage of his fiancés home, Jeff was compelled to create a Gofundme page in order to give her a fighting chance to make things right for her kids.

Leah and our family has suffered this unbelievable loss. Every award, photo, project, collection, game, clothing, bed, and personal item the kids owned is now gone. Leah, being the Mother she is, is doing everything she can to keep their heads up high. Ensuring her kids that everything will be ok.

Leah is very strong and can endure so much. However, right now, this wonderful person is in need of some help.

There are three ways you can help. First, by making a donation to their gofundme page here. Second, is by sharing this story to others who can help. Another way to help is to make donations for clothing to Dirty Dogs Spaw located at 4011 Little River Road in Temple. Here are the clothing sizes:

  • Dustin- Large Shirt, 34x32 pants, 10 1/2 shoe
  • Jacob- X Large Shirt, 34x34 pants, 12 shoe
  • Bobby- Large Shirt, 16 pants, 11 1/2 shoe
  • Amethyst (the only girl)- 12/14 Shirt, 12 pants, 5 shoe
  • KJ- 10/12 Shirt, 8 pants, 4 1/2 shoe
  • Gary- 8/10 Shirt, 7 pants, 2 1/2 shoe
  • Keaton- 6/8 Shirt, 6 pants, 1 shoe
  • Grayson (our son)- 18-24 months, 4 shoe, 4 diapers
  • Dawn (niece)- Medium Shirt, 10 long pants, 9 1/2 shoe
  • Aiden (great-nephew)- 5 Shirt, 5 pants, 11 shoe
  • Leah- X Large Shirt, 18 pants, 8 1/2 shoe

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