I am not really into sports.  Somebody has to be really special to impress me.  Well four foot, five inch tall Julian 'Handles' Newman has done it.  The Orlando fifth grader plays on a High School basketball team.  He is that good!  Check him out.

So you want to know more… Well like I said the kid is 4-feet, 5-inches tall, 11 years old, a straight A student in the fifth grade and he plays point guard for Downey Christian High School, on the Varsity Squad. He starts!    Downey Christian is a small independent school that doesn’t follow the same rules as the Florida High School Athletics Association, that’s how come the little kid can play on a High School Team. Yes, Julian’s Dad is the coach.   But you have to admit, the kid earned a spot on the team.  Both his parents played basketball, so it must be in the kids DNA. Julian's sister Jaden is 8 years old, 4 foot 1, she plays on Girls Varsity.

Here's one last look at Julian.  I can just see the Disney Movie!