It's really easy to talk about standing up to bullies, it's a little harder to do it. Thank goodness some kids have the courage to stand together and protect the vulnerable.

This is a tale of a bunch of fifth grade boys who didn't like how one of their schoolmates was being treated.  So Gus, Tyler, Landon, Jake and Jack formed "The James Gang", to protect James Willmert, a fifth-grader with a learning disability.



Nobody told them to do it, they just knew it was right. The boys sit with James at lunch and play with him at recess. They also got him something special with their own money, and the help of their parents, a play station and video games.


That was a great gift, but as you can see from the video, Gus, Tyler, Landon, Jake and Jack gave James much more than a video game system, they gave him friendship.