Women have been in the military for years.   But combat not so much.   That is all changing today… The Pentagon's has decided to lift the ban on women serving in combat. That’s over 200 thousand new positions, but not all combat jobs will be open, the military can decide which ones will still be For Men Only.

The change, overturns a 1994 rule prohibiting women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units.

Of course it won’t happen overnight….the various services must now come up with a plan.  Some jobs may open as soon as this year, others like Special Ops, may take longer. The services will have until January 2016 to make a case  that some positions should remain closed to women.

And here is something to think about...the draft.  Does allowing women to actually fight, mean girls will have to register for Selective Service just like the guys and if the Draft comes back do they go to?

Tell us what you think?   Should women be allowed in Combat?  I sure know some who would love to be on the battlefield.