Firefighters Battle Two Vacant House Fires

How often does this happen? Firefighters arrive at the scene of one fire and as they get to work they spot another random house on fire about a block down the street?

It's been a busy Sunday for Temple Fire and Rescue. Off they went to 512 East Avenue F in Temple and as firefighters got to work police officers on the scene tipped them to smoke coming from another house about a block away. So, more firefighters got to work at 517 East Avenue E.

The second fire was a single-story wood frame house with what was described as heavy fire involvement. Both buildings have been determined as vacant. 4 firefighter units responded to the fire at 512 East Avenue F fire, and 4 units took care of 715 East Avenue E.

It was discovered that the fire at 512 East Avenue F was a total loss. A ruptured natural gas line continued to burn but crews from Atmos Energy are on top of it.

The Fire Marshal's Office is investigating. Thankfully no one was injured in either fire.

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