Can the Sunshine State even handle the awesomeness that is Buc-ees? We shall soon find out.

The Statesman is reporting that Buc-ees will soon be opening it's first location outside of the Lone Star State when a 50,000 square foot facility opens in Daytona, Florida.  Featuring 120 gas pumps, a snack isle that draws you in for days, and the cleanest bathrooms around, it's not surprising other states want Buckees to serve their residents.

Next time you go to Daytona you'll see Buc-ee's merchandise, fresh Kolaches, and all the things we love about having Buc-ees in Texas. It just shows how another business in Texas is leading the way here in the good ole USA.

Can you imagine seeing Mickey Mouse ears on Buc-ee the Beaver? Will Floridian's even know what to do with a beaver nugget?

Don't worry Buc-ees...Texas will always be home.

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