Politicians and public officials love when road construction begins and ends. Promises made, promises kept!

The public, on the other hand, likes it when the job is definitely over.

Great news for all: the connection between Tarver Drive and Coastal Drive, which is the first phase of the new Tarver Drive extension has been completed.

The City of Temple sent a press release stating:

Extension of Tarver Drive to Coastal Dr. provides an important east-west connection for travelers between Old Waco Road and South Pea Ridge Road,” said Public Works Director Nicole Torralva in a statement. “Residents living in the neighborhood between South Pea Ridge and Old Waco Roads will benefit by no longer having to travel along West Adams. Safety and mobility will be improved to the general community as well.

Courtesy City of Temple, Department of Public Works

As I live near that area, this should make my commute faster (as if I have any traffic; I get up before the chickens do).

Phase Two of the extension, Tarver Drive from Coastal Drive to Old Waco Road, is underway with an anticipated completion by early spring 2017. This will further improve the traffic patterns in the area and allow travelers an alternate route to SH 317 and South Pea Ridge, according to DPW.

The extension of Tarver Drive is part of the City’s Transportation Capital Improvement Program (TCIP), which focuses on improving public safety, providing connectivity and capacity, and taking care of existing roadways.